Sales is all we need, because it builds relationship and business. Podcast

At Filingo Sales is all we care about. Sales force is the actual indicator whether your firm is doing good or bad. Mr Mike Yonjan talking about the importance of sales and the reason why it must be addressed as vital for growth.

Digital marketing future, Finding perspective on reach and relevance at once.

Digital marketing will someday take much more honest and dearest integrated approach in its practice, the way the marketing practices are synchronizing with technology. This is my intuition that soon there will be complete void for ad not being relevant to recipient. Tomorrow, communication message will be from the consumer only, who are wide open minded and loyal to the brand. Sharing experiences with technology in the form of digital data. People can go against the product and services but they cant go against self, whether its self righteous or not. People will use part or core of them in technology. And technology will make the communication interpersonal without imposed element. I guess the market demand and supply will be much more intrinsic and to a interpersonal level. Technology that is part of you will decide what you want, giving you no thoughts for contradiction. But the technology will be self learning complex algorithmic machine always be with people and by people. At F…

The brief to battle "The secret of branding"

The reason why most advertising campaign fail is, due to the lack of data from the market. Marketer and advertiser often seek a ways to promote their product flashing features of the product and don't want to know any information from customer. And most actual information in the market that matters are problems faced by customers. Any complain about product or services we are getting is from the real customer but the complain may not be real. They just want it to be addressed properly or in other word it must be justified or validated in very interesting and creative way. And most of the time it might not be the solid or hard solution, it could simply be just a communication that makes sense to them.

Communication is understanding. Communication actually solves everything. Ultimately its people communicating people. Product simply is a means and medium with static feature and functions. It is because of the clean communication, product feels like something to us.

And most commun…