The brief to battle "The secret of branding"

The reason why most advertising campaign fail is, due to the lack of data from the market. Marketer and advertiser often seek a ways to promote their product flashing features of the product and don't want to know any information from customer. And most actual information in the market that matters are problems faced by customers. Any complain about product or services we are getting is from the real customer but the complain may not be real. They just want it to be addressed properly or in other word it must be justified or validated in very interesting and creative way. And most of the time it might not be the solid or hard solution, it could simply be just a communication that makes sense to them.

Communication is understanding. Communication actually solves everything. Ultimately its people communicating people. Product simply is a means and medium with static feature and functions. It is because of the clean communication, product feels like something to us.

And most communication gets wrong, specially when what to say becomes over important then how to say it. If you don't say it with feelings, then they just get it without it. But one can't generate feelings out of thin air for communication. Feelings must come form the market, the customer, and from their intrinsic data. (Data that is deeply investigated) And there are two vital important data about your business from the market or customer 1) what they say about your product and 2) what they hide about your product. And only profound yet radical marketer or admen can contemplate and comprehend the data. Through which clean brief is built. Without that precise brief you have no chance. you might be able to get to right people using right technology but without properly briefed communication it is nothing but an advert. Which in today's century; it means scheme, scam in their psyche. That can only bring more hatred than acceptance.

One best brief can lead to win the bigger customer acquisition battle. the key is to know that there is no complain or issues. there is only information, few accurate and most false. Customer become very real and reactive when it comes to ragging emotion. That's when they first engage the communication through whichever median you suggest.They can't tolerate some product or services fucking with their ROI. Even their attention has to have the ROI. And their simple ROI is "I can't help you. First understand me better with my feelings, time and context since I am evolving machine and second find me faster. I am busy being myself. I complain too much. I just don't care. Give me the real thing". Quote here simply suggest that "Trust or not" is basically how communication is being judged. To simplify its kind of like this; Advert: "Trust me". Customer: "F*ck off". 

Therefore attention is everything. You have no idea, the blink of an eye will let our reactive mind grasp so much sensory to the memory. Its unbelievable. But impression alone wont just do the job. Attention also must evolve . Brand is the deepest degree of attention. Being attentive to the point where you feel impulsive or addictive. And once that happens, trust is build, brand is build, relationship is strengthened through experiences. Branding or total communication experiences means, your message to the right people, at the right time and in the right volume.

Everything customer talk about you (either good or bad ) is the information.
Share them with your ad agency. you don't have to change your product just because customer says so. But you can change the way it is being perceived and consumed being attentive to the data, the market, the hidden factors.

Quality of being able to crunch the given data is very vital to form a brief. Then simply ask the creative agency to make it a simple brief through which compelling advertising campaign is designed. The reason why its critical is one best brief can either lead to win the bigger customer acquisition battle or fails to the market competition.

We at the Filingo do our diligence to craft a blueprint brief of the campaign that is backed up by demographic, psycho graphic and context experiential data research. Which has potential to position product and service in the hyper marketplace, reach out to new prospects and increase sales and generate revenues.

Data > Creative Brief > Campaign = (Tone + Communication + Objective) Brand Building.

Mike Yonjan
Creative Director at Filingo Media.


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