Digital marketing future, Finding perspective on reach and relevance at once.

Digital marketing will someday take much more honest and dearest integrated approach in its practice, the way the marketing practices are synchronizing with technology. This is my intuition that soon there will be complete void for ad not being relevant to recipient.
Tomorrow, communication message will be from the consumer only, who are wide open minded and loyal to the brand. Sharing experiences with technology in the form of digital data. People can go against the product and services but they cant go against self, whether its self righteous or not. People will use part or core of them in technology. And technology will make the communication interpersonal without imposed element. I guess the market demand and supply will be much more intrinsic and to a interpersonal level. Technology that is part of you will decide what you want, giving you no thoughts for contradiction. But the technology will be self learning complex algorithmic machine always be with people and by people.
At Filingo Media we are constantly looking for the pattern and are aware of this constant flux on digital landscape ‘the internet stuff’. The beautiful thing about this transformation is that there wont be any sign of shift,because its happening now and too close that one can’t see it. Now the biggest zest for any marketer or advertiser is to find the link between total reach and absolute relevance. There has been trouble for one message to disperse to different individual under varied context which has always made the friction on the final agreement in transaction. Now there is max reach but will greatly suffer at the exact reception of the idea, product or services. Brand awareness actually do take place when brand loyalty is under achieved. But that is not the primary agenda of the marketing activities rather the positive by product of failed transaction. Unless brand awareness is the primary agenda.
This has always been a very fascinating to me to see the role of communication and connection….and the way market landscape has been shifted without any major notification, because the rapidity has taken place after the data is driving the landscape and not intuition or assumptions. The marketing, media and advertising were once a tactics and practice to tell and show people for demand and supply cycle. Now it is becoming the mind of market’s data, through which direct and subtle control will be made on the mass and higher predictability of their behavior pattern will be gauged. This market pattern will be as good as I can think of and has higher degree of life expectancy as long as people feel, think and act differently yet consistently. And people do live technological entertaining lifestyle. With the use of technology Media, marketing and advertising will once again be very popular and friendly than ever before. Because the technology has potential to not just reach people but their mind and not just a kind of mind but different minds. Then we will all admit, Ah! it just found the perspective.
Mike Yonjan
Creative Director at Filingo Media.


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