Going digital is vital

The space that is filled with marketer and advertiser are in a constant fight for interruption form of garnering attention for their products and services. This outdoor space is still heavily occupied by the marketer and advertiser but has already been abandoned by the potential customers. Because they know how to ignore you entirely even when you are their best buddies. Because people are not customer and customer are never consumer until they are confident enough to be and want to remain that way with brands.

When business totally understand to read and feed their mind. Yes! 'the Internet'. Its where there mind is. It’s where their most attention is. Now the real question is; are we after where the customers are or where their most attentions flows in momentum. And their attention is at digital space. Digital space is not just what people are thinking about. It is mind's media now. Any brand and business that has no active digital presence will not be in a consumer’s consideration. It’s the single only dynamic game. You are either going digital or you are dead. Therefore it’s vital for brand and businesses to go digital first without any doubts. And then start dominating the game by staying social.

Digital is new and fresh in context to marketing practices in Nepal. But digital is to remain here. Now the most vital understanding about the whole business in such a dire negative business environment is that the digital space is here for a reason and is blessing for any market player to take advantage of.
Because of its effectiveness, smoothness, speed, accuracy, authenticity and most importantly for being only under priced brand awareness platform and reach-outs tools compared to the print and TV(direct media). Now the businesses has to have specialized social media partner that knows people, technology and communication but most importantly can deploy strategy, communication and execution in a format and nature. In our context amplifying the message 20 times effectively than another digital agency. We are Filingo Media.


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